At Actelligos, we understand that market intelligence is a key component of achieving success in Southeast Asia's highly competitive markets. As such, we offer a comprehensive range of research services that cover the region's critical markets.


Our two-tiered approach allows us to provide clients with detailed insights based on the realities of the local market. On the ground, we have established a robust network of local research partners throughout the region. These partners have undergone rigorous evaluation to ensure the quality, consistency, and integrity of their work. They possess deep knowledge of local markets and industries, as well as relationships with influential opinion leaders and experts. With our partners, we have access to primary information sources that are essential to our research.


At the heart of our research operation is our central team of intelligence research managers. These professionals assume full responsibility for all research programs and work closely with clients to understand their business objectives. They translate these goals into specific research objectives and activities, manage the research strategy and team, supervise field researchers closely, monitor their work, and conduct parallel quality control audits of primary research. They oversee the collection and processing of data, evaluate information, and provide customized insights and recommendations for our clients. Our intelligence managers are committed to delivering the highest quality research and are experts in research methods.


Our setup allows Actelligos to provide customers with critical access to local markets and industries, as well as actionable insights to keep them competitive.

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