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Actelligos is a trailblazer in the market and competitive intelligence arena, with a focus on the Asia Pacific region and global markets. Our expertise lies in intelligence research, and since 1998 we have been helping companies address the most pressing business questions for survival and success. From assessing market potential for new cancer treatments to tracking competitor movements in vehicle manufacturing, Actelligos provides insights that give executive decision-makers the confidence to act.


We have a rich history of teaching Asian executives and managers about market and competitive intelligence, starting in 2002 with workshops and seminars conducted in key cities such as Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, and Taipei. Our programs were designed to impart key knowledge of intelligence framework, process, and techniques, specifically as they are applied in the Asian setting. Business leaders from various backgrounds, including sales, marketing, strategy, business development, human resources, operations, finance, and the executive office, attended our programs, demonstrating that intelligence has evolved into a mainstream skill relevant across markets, industries, and job functions.


As the need for more advanced training in business analytics increased, we created the Advanced Intelligence Analytics course, Business WarGames program, and Scenarios & Strategies program to help companies process all the insights collected by their intelligence teams. Today, research remains our mainstream intelligence service, and we continue to evolve our programs to serve the intelligence and strategy professionals around Asia.



Intelligence Research Projects


Our extensive research experience spans a diverse spectrum of industries and markets. From pharmaceuticals to consumer goods, telecommunications to financial institutions, we have conducted in-depth analysis to unearth critical insights. Our research dives deep into regulatory landscapes, market dynamics, competitive intelligence, and emerging trends. With a meticulous approach, we have explored market size, segmentation, competitor analysis, consumer behavior, regulatory environments, and economic factors. This comprehensive research has empowered organizations to make informed decisions, adapt to evolving markets, and seize strategic opportunities. Our commitment to excellence in research continues to be a cornerstone of our expertise, driving success for our clients.


Here is a sample of our previous engagements:


Academic Institution

  • Explored trends in the hospitality market and hospitality education in Asia.

Advertising Agency

  • Analyzed the activities and strategies of a multi-product consumer goods company in Asia.
  • Included company profile, business strategy, product launches, financial performance, executive profiles, alliances, production centers, sales force, and markets.

Animal Medicine Company

  • Conducted genome sequencing research for felines in Korea and Japan.

Automotive Manufacturer

  • Studied the supplier network and capability of a global car manufacturer in Japan.
  • Covered supply structure, supplier management, top suppliers, contributions, supply categories, and supplier resources.

Business Software Solutions Company

  • Studied competitor activities related to enterprise application software, software hosting, and SaaS in Asia.
  • Analyzed market demand, products, demand trends, providers, customer groups, supply dynamics, competitor strategies, and market potential.

Ceramics Manufacturer

  • Studied the production and sales activities of a global toilet manufacturer in Asia.
  • Covered products, production volumes, markets, distribution, sales channels, and customer service.


Character Brand Company

  • Analyzed competing brands and products across various sales channels in Asia.
  • Examined market size, comparative brand shares, retail channel shares, price/volume per product, and market strategies of competitors.


Cleaning Products Manufacturer

  • Investigated the Japanese household cleaning products market.
  • Identified local products for global markets, niche channels, and new cleaning technologies.


Computer Manufacturer

  • Explored the competitive landscape and market profile in India.
  • Covered financials, operations, marketing, supply, distribution, strengths, opportunities, threats, and product development.


Consulting Company

  • Analyzed competitors in the Human Capital Consulting field in Asia.
  • Included company profiles, product offerings, financial performance, organization, staffing, and future plans.


Consumer Electronics Company

  • Conducted targeted competitive assessments of new entrants in the digital television (DTV) market.
  • Covered core competencies, strategy, supply chain, channel composition, dealer evaluation, and overall impact assessment.


Consumer Electronics Manufacturer

  • Investigated a competitor's activities in Japan, China, and Korea.
  • Analyzed technical capability, marketing, product development, R&D, print strategy, costs, pricing, customer support, manufacturing, cost-cutting, future products, and alliances.


Consumer Goods Manufacturer

  • Examined the supply and distribution of disposable shavers in Japan.
  • Covered players, customers, products, distribution channels, margins, incentives, and key players.


Educational Institution

  • Explored opportunities in Higher Education, Government Research & Technology Agencies, and the Corporate Market across Asia.


Elevator Equipment Manufacturer

  • Investigated a key competitor's activities in China and Japan.
  • Explored target customer segments, market segmentation rationale, sales approach, branding, customer management, finance, market share, technology, customer perception, manufacturing, organization, decision-making, and partnerships.


English Language Education Provider

  • Identified potential business partners in Korea and Japan.
  • Explored company profiles, distribution networks, products, pricing, volume of customers, and customer preferences.


Fast Food Brand

  • Researched franchise fees and royalties paid by Asian franchisees of western fast food brands in 10 major Asian cities.


Food Manufacturer

  • Studied the potential market for fish oil in Asia.
  • Analyzed demand dynamics, customer segments, supply and distribution, and import regulations.


Garden Equipment Manufacturer

  • Profiled a metal fabricator in Shanghai, China.
  • Covered revenues, production costs, capacity, quality standards, customization, and company details.


Garden Equipment Company

  • Examined the availability, marketing, and pricing of steel hoses in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.
  • Covered brand visibility, retail channels, promotions, comparative pricing, and product features.


Global Bank

  • Assessed major competitors' activities and strategies in Asia.
  • Covered organizational profile, financial performance, P&L, credit card business, strategy, marketing, pricing, customer volume, market size, and network.


Global Financial Institution

  • Analyzed market capitalization, revenues, earnings, assets, productivity, ROI, ROA, net income, and net margins across 20 business sectors in Asia Pacific.
  • Profiled over 5000 companies in major Asian markets.


Health Product Manufacturer

  • Analyzed competitor activities in the respiratory therapeutic category in Asia.
  • Covered competitor profiles, products, portfolio fit, target indications, launch timing, and government regulations.


Health Research Laboratory

  • Assessed infectious disease treatments in 10 Asian markets.
  • Examined market dynamics, treatment patterns, brand perceptions, and regulatory environments.


Healthcare Company

  • Assessed the financial performance of a target company in Indonesia.
  • Explored business model, financing, political impact, labor situation, and strategic direction.


Heavy Equipment Manufacturer

  • Profiled key suppliers of Japanese heavy equipment manufacturers.
  • Included plant details, equipment, gear, power train suppliers, profiles, and capabilities.


Hospitality Brand

  • Explored market and competitor dynamics in key tourist destinations across Asia.
  • Investigated tourist centers, hotel chain presence, bed/room capacities, pricing, promotions, collaborations, customer preferences, and feedback.


Industrial Directory Company

  • Examined competitors' market positioning, value proposition, product focus, industry focus, customers, technology, E-commerce, auctions, pricing, recruitment, alliances, and future intent in Asia.


Investment Group

  • Researched the profile, activities, and plans of a company in Malaysia.
  • Included company, shareholder, executive profiles, activities/services, subsidiaries, partnerships, government relations, and project financiers.


Logistics Company

  • Explored shipping port operators in Singapore, Hong Kong, and China.
  • Covered company profiles, port operations, technical performance, key customers, technology/software, expansion plans, and strategic partnerships.


Media Company

  • Analyzed the distribution and volume of radio and TV stations in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.
  • Segmented regions, demographics, station/channel details, and ownership.


Medical Equipment Manufacturer

  • Explored the market and competition for Parkinson's Disease treatment in Asia.
  • Covered sales, treatment processes, treatment centers, certification, costs, payment schemes, and competitor activities.


Medical Insurance Company

  • Assessed the market potential and feasibility of entering the general medical insurance business environment in Asia.
  • Covered market profile, size, segmentation, performance factors, regulations, drivers, opportunities, and success factors.


Mobile Phone Manufacturer

  • Investigated competitive activities and market opportunities for 3G phones in Southeast Asia.
  • Analyzed market demand, products, demand trends, providers, customer groups, supply/distribution, competitor strategies, and business potential.


Nuclear Power Plant Manufacturer

  • Assessed Asian competitors entering the North American nuclear market.
  • Examined their structure, strategy, capabilities, R&D, financials, partnerships, and market entry tactics.


Optical Technology Company

  • Explored retail dynamics and opportunities in Hong Kong and Singapore.
  • Included market profile, size, segmentation, performance factors, drivers, opportunities, and key success factors.


Oral Care Provider

  • Analyzed the toothbrush market in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.
  • Covered sales volume by product type, sales projections, trends, drivers, and top 10 brands in each market.


Pharmaceutical Company

  • Researched potential new products and technologies affecting the marketplace for moderate to severe chronic pain treatment.


Pharmaceutical Company

  • Investigated a collaboration between a pharmaceutical company and a large investment bank in Japan.
  • Examined the nature, deal value, product impact, and partner satisfaction.


Pharmaceutical Company

  • Conducted an in-depth study of a key competitor in Southeast Asia.
  • Explored clinical studies, sales force, infrastructure, relationships, vaccine capabilities, manufacturing challenges, and regulatory/pricing strategy.


Pharmaceutical Company

  • Studied the market landscape for HIV treatments in Asia.
  • Included target market, major players, products, distribution, margins, discounts, incentives, roles in the distribution chain, and distributor profiles.


Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

  • Advised on diabetes treatment in the US, Japan, and Europe.
  • Analyzed major players, patient groups, products, distribution, market size, segmentation, opportunities, and key success factors.


Precision Instruments Company

  • Examined the market activities and strategies of a company in Japan and Korea.
  • Covered company information, management, strategy, financials, products, advertising, marketing, sales, operations, supply, distribution, image, reputation, and staff.


Product Safety Certification Group

  • Researched market opportunities in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Covered market profile, size, segmentation, drivers, threats, and success factors.


Power Systems Company

  • Analyzed mergers and acquisitions (M&A) between global competitors and local suppliers in China.
  • Profiled local players, partnership nature, deal terms, affected products/services, agreement status, and timelines.


Sporting Goods Manufacturer

  • Studied the state of basketball in the Philippines, including associations, national team performance, and the sport's future in the country.


Steel Manufacturer

  • Assessed the market potential for industrial valves in Southeast Asia.
  • Explored local competitors, demand/supply balance, pricing practices, distribution channels, and key customers.


Technology Company

  • Analyzed a competitor's strategy, intent, and actions in Japan.
  • Covered target customer segments, sales/marketing approach, customer management, finance, market share, technology, organization, decision-making, and partnerships.


Technology Leader

  • Analyzed features, target markets, promotions, pricing, and expected revenues of a technology giant's accounting software initiative.


Telecommunications Company

  • Explored market opportunities in Southeast Asia.
  • Included market profile, size, segmentation, performance factors, drivers, opportunities, and key success factors.


Testing and Simulation Equipment Company

  • Conducted an in-depth competitive assessment of a large Japanese company.
  • Explored products, dealer networks, marketing, operations, R&D, costs, organization, leadership, portfolio, strategic direction, partners, and suppliers.


Tire Manufacturer

  • Explored a major competitor's marketing and sales activities in Japan.
  • Analyzed retailer agreements, market lock-in methods, relationships, and keiretsu.


White Goods Manufacturer

  • Examined the market and competitive environment for refrigerators and freezers in Asia.
  • Covered economic background, market size, trends, key products, customer groups, players, supply, distribution, and regulations.



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Consulting Engagements


Beyond intelligence research, we have also crafted monitoring systems, market tracking tools, and competitive analysis frameworks that empower our clients to make informed decisions. Our training programs have equipped professionals from diverse sectors with the knowledge and tools they need to excel. Additionally, our strategic war-gaming simulations have provided valuable foresight in complex business environments.


Here's an overview of our notable consulting engagements:


Monitoring Systems Projects

  • Monitoring System for a Drug Manufacturer

    We developed a comprehensive monitoring system for a leading drug manufacturer, enabling them to track activities of generic drug manufacturers in India, China, and Korea. Our insights covered regulatory issues, manufacturing, supply, distribution, marketing, and competitor profiles.

  • Market Tracking System for a Pharmaceutical Company

    For a pharmaceutical company, we created a market tracking system to monitor key manufacturers in Japan. Our focus was on development status and timelines for compounds used in cancer treatment, including ongoing studies, market launch programs, and product acceptability.

  • Global Competitor Monitoring System for a Consumer Electronics Giant

    We shadowed major players worldwide, providing real-time intelligence on product innovations, market analysis, advertising strategies, pricing structures, sales data, and future market plans. This helped our client stay ahead in the dynamic electronics market.

  • Tracking System for an IT/Electronics Player

    We monitored 15 major players in the US and Europe, analyzing market perceptions and media exposure. Key intelligence topics included competitor profiles, industry trends, customer insights, technological innovations, regulatory landscape, strategic moves, and supply chain intelligence.

  • Market Scanning System for a Consumer Goods Company

    Our monthly market scanning system focused on the Japanese market for household cleaning products. We covered market dynamics, competitive landscape, consumer insights, regulatory changes, innovation trends, economic factors, and potential disruptions.

  • Market Intelligence and Strategy Tracking Service for a Consumer Goods Company

    Our service catered to key markets in the US and Europe, offering insights on market size, competitor analysis, consumer behavior, regulatory environment, distribution channels, emerging technologies, economic indicators, marketing trends, and trade dynamics.


Expert Training:

Our intelligence and strategy training programs are meticulously designed to empower professionals across industries with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in today's dynamic business landscape. We offer comprehensive training in competitive intelligence, strategic analysis, scenario planning, and more. Our expert-led courses cover a wide range of topics, including market research, competitor profiling, trend analysis, and risk assessment.

Participants gain practical insights and hands-on experience, equipping them to make informed decisions, identify growth opportunities, and navigate competitive challenges effectively. With a focus on real-world applications and the latest industry trends, our training programs are a catalyst for professional growth and strategic excellence.

We have had the privilege of training professionals and teams from diverse sectors, including pharmaceutical companies, business process outsourcing providers, telecommunication companies, global financial institutions, retail companies, chemical manufacturers, and intelligence managers and practitioners.

Business WarGaming and Scenarios:

Our Strategic Wargaming, Business Simulations, and Scenario Forecasting Workshops are immersive experiences designed to equip organizations with a competitive edge. Through dynamic simulations, participants navigate complex strategic challenges, honing decision-making skills and fostering collaboration. Our workshops offer a hands-on approach to scenario forecasting, enabling teams to anticipate market shifts and devise agile strategies.

Whether exploring the intricacies of industry competition or planning for unforeseen disruptions, our workshops provide a safe space to test strategies, identify vulnerabilities, and innovate solutions. Participants emerge with a deeper understanding of their business landscape and the tools to thrive in an ever-evolving market.

Our expertise extends to strategic war-gaming, where we have facilitated simulations and analyses in various industries, including telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, energy, retail, banking, vehicle manufacturing, food processing, real estate, cable TV, lighting, and online commerce.

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