Intelligence Across Industries and Markets in Southeast Asia


Our team of experts has decades of experience in the field, and we utilize the latest technologies and research methodologies to gather and analyze data. We specialize in primary research, which involves conducting in-depth interviews with key industry players, as well as secondary research, which involves analyzing existing data sources. Our deep understanding of industries and markets, coupled with our analytical capabilities, allows us to provide clients with customized and actionable intelligence reports.


At Actelligos, we pride ourselves on our ethical approach to intelligence research. We are committed to using only legal and ethical means to gather information and protect the confidentiality of our sources. We believe that conducting research with integrity is not only the right thing to do, but it also helps us build trust with our clients and maintain our reputation as a leader in the industry.


Our services are focused solely on delivering accurate, reliable and timely intelligence for decision makers around Southeast Asia. Here are samples of research projects we have conducted in the region.




  1. Emerging Trends in the E-Commerce Market in Southeast Asia
  2. The Future of Renewable Energy in Southeast Asia: Opportunities and Challenges
  3. Market Analysis of the Healthcare Industry in Southeast Asia
  4. Forecasting the Growth of the Food and Beverage Industry in Thailand
  5. Analysis of the Telecommunications Industry in the Philippines
  6. Understanding the Automotive Market in Indonesia: Opportunities and Threats
  7. Investigating the Hospitality Industry in Malaysia
  8. Emerging Technologies and Innovation in Southeast Asia: Trends and Implications
  9. Evaluating the Logistics and Transportation Industry in Vietnam
  10. Market Research for the Financial Services Sector in Southeast Asia
  11. Assessment of the Real Estate Industry in Singapore: Trends and Forecast
  12. Analysis of the Education Industry in Indonesia: Opportunities and Challenges
  13. Investigating the Consumer Electronics Market in Thailand
  14. Market Intelligence on the Digital Payment Industry in Southeast Asia
  15. Market Analysis of the Beauty and Personal Care Industry in Malaysia
  16. Understanding the Retail Industry in the Philippines: Key Players and Market Trends
  17. Analysis of the Agriculture Industry in Vietnam: Opportunities and Challenges
  18. Investigating the Gaming Industry in Indonesia: Market Size and Trends
  19. Market Research on the Construction Industry in Thailand: Current Landscape and Future Projections
  20. Industry Intelligence on the Online Travel Booking in Southeast Asia
  21. Analysis of the Fashion Industry in Singapore: Key Trends and Consumer Preferences
  22. Investigating the Renewable Energy Market in Malaysia: Key Players and Regulations
  23. Market Research on the E-Commerce Logistics Industry in Indonesia
  24. Competitive Intelligence on the Insurance Industry in Southeast Asia: Market Leaders and Products Offered
  25. Analysis of the Education Technology Industry in Thailand: Adoption and Growth Potential



  1. Competitor Analysis of Top Ride Hailing Companies in Southeast Asia
  2. Competitor Analysis of the Tourism Industry on the Philippines
  3. Competitor Analysis of the Retail Industry in Singapore and the Philippines
  4. Identifying New Entrants in the Southeast Asian Telecommunications Market
  5. Competitive Landscape of Fast-Food Chains in Southeast Asia
  6. Analysis of the Competitive Strategies of Leading Banks in Southeast Asia
  7. Competitor Benchmarking for the Leading FMCG Companies in Southeast Asia
  8. Mapping Competitors and Emerging Players in the Southeast Asian Logistics Market
  9. Analyzing the Competitive Landscape of Healthcare Providers in Southeast Asia
  10. Competitor Analysis of Top Insurance Companies in Southeast Asia
  11. Competitive Analysis of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Southeast Asia
  12. Assessing the Competitiveness of the Southeast Asian Retail Industry
  13. Competitor Analysis of Online Grocery Delivery Services in Southeast Asia
  14. Comparative Study on Online Travel Agencies in Southeast Asia
  15. Competitive Intelligence for the Southeast Asian E-commerce Market
  16. Analysis of Competitors in the Food Delivery Industry in Indonesia
  17. Benchmarking of Digital Banks in Southeast Asia
  18. Competitor Analysis of the Online Advertising Industry in Vietnam
  19. Assessment of the Competitive Landscape of the Automotive Industry in Thailand
  20. Competitive Intelligence for the Southeast Asian Gaming Industry
  21. Competitor Analysis of the Hospitality Industry in Thailand
  22. Comparative Study of Leading E-Wallet Companies in Southeast Asia
  23. Analysis of the Competitive Strategies of Leading Airline Companies in Southeast Asia
  24. Competitor Analysis of the Renewable Energy Industry in Indonesia
  25. Competitive Intelligence for the Southeast Asian Construction Industry


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