Primary Intelligence Research



The primary research process in market or competitive intelligence typically involves the collection and analysis of original data directly from key industry players, customers, and other relevant stakeholders. This information is then used to gain insights into market trends, consumer behavior, competitor strategies, and other critical aspects of the operating environment.


By conducting in-depth interviews with key players in these markets, we are able to provide insights into future market potential, emerging segments, and competitor plans and strategies. We also have the ability to gather information on upcoming product and service launches, as well as plans for new manufacturing facilities.


This is our key strength - finding ways to access difficult sources using ethical means, which may involve some of the following steps:

  1. understanding the subject-matter very thoroughly, so that we approach each interview as experts;
  2. learn more about the executive source, so that we can communicate at the same wavelength;
  3. approach the interview as a conversation not a survey, which raises our chances of securing a meeting;
  4. craft the conversation to keep the executive comfortable and happy, which means no requests for sensitive data that makes them uneasy or threatened;
  5. contribute to the conversation by bringing new insights to the table, so that we bring value to executive; and
  6. giving the interviewee a special complimentary report in exchange for his time and participation.


Our approach to accessing difficult sources is both ethical and effective. By understanding the subject matter thoroughly and communicating at the same wavelength as the executive source, we are able to secure meetings and approach the interview as a conversation rather than a survey. This approach

keeps executives comfortable and happy, ensuring that they are willing to provide us with the information we need to create a comprehensive report for our clients. We also bring value to the conversation by bringing new insights to the table, and we offer a complimentary report to the interviewee as a token of our appreciation for their time and participation.


Intelligence research is both art and science, using techniques from psychology and communications. Conducting this requires thorough preparation and a conversational - not questioning - mindset.

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